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October 16, 2019
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Professional PR Tips

• Start a list or spreadsheet of online tactics you can use for campaigns. Update it regularly.

• Is your boss on Twitter? Keep him/her on mobile alerts and monitor their feed so you know what they're saying.

• Proactively own up to a mistake. It comes out better in the end.

• If you haven't told your boss or client that a task is complete, they'll assume it's not.

• Don't rely solely on networks like Twitter to build all relationships. What happens if it all goes away tomorrow?

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Have you taken it? Tomorrow is the last day to fill out our member survey. Please take a couple of minutes to fill… https://t.co/BwmVFobzQj



Ensure you pay your dues! Only members who have paid dues are eligible to enter Star Awards or apply for the Confer… https://t.co/f64R50ig0s


Every moment of every day in Texas public schools, real life engagement and profound learning occurs. This is something that our students and teachers know well. They celebrate these big and little moments as they happen.

As a community, we too, should be celebrating these moments. The Celebrate Texas Public Schools campaign is the perfect opportunity to do just this and more.

The Celebrate Texas Public Schools concept is not a new one. Originally created in 1950 by the Masonic Lodges of Texas to recognize contributions made by the state’s free system of education, the Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA) takes it to new heights.

Our schools provide a solid foundation with dedicated efforts by educators and support from parents and the community. We equip our students with the tools necessary to succeed.

NOW, more than ever, we need to make public statements about the great things happening in our Texas public schools.

Each student’s future success comes through a quality education today. By sharing the good news of Texas public education, we can ensure enhanced opportunities for future generations of Texans. After all, education is bigger here!

2014 Video Winners Announced!



Links You Can Use

>The FBI has a report covering 63 active shooters in the U.S. between 2000-2013. It examines specific behaviors that may precede an attack. Read the report HERE. Listen to the podcast HERE.

>Want an easy way to ensure your messaging is grammatically correct? Check out Grammarly, a free writing app you upload to your browser. It checks copy in emails, social media posts and more. 

Ever wonder what size your images need to be for different social media platforms? Click HERE for a complete 2019 size guide.  

>The Texas Tribune has a tool to see how vaccine exemption rates have changed in school districts and private schools across the state.

COSchedule Blog has an easy-to-understand blog post on how to write a press release, and it includes great examples and a template.

> Do you need an easy way to create quick graphics for social media or newsletters? There is a great free online tool you can use that is very user-friendly called Canva. There are loads of templates and free graphics and images you can use. They also have a mobile app for designing on-the-go. 



We want to know a little more about our members for a new infographic we are designing. Please take five minutes or less to fill out THIS QUICK SURVEY. It will help us provide as accurate information as possible. 

Your answers will be kept completely confidential and will be a part of a bigger, combined picture of our membership.

Surveys are due by next Tuesday, October 22 by 11:59 p.m.


  • > 10/31/19  TSPRA membership renewal due
    > 11/4/19 Star Awards submissions due
    > 11/4/19  Last day to register for Spoken Word, Waco 
    > 1/24/20 Last day to register for conference without a late fee