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History of Celebrate Texas Public Schools

In 2005, the Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA), decided to change their annual Texas Public School Week (TPSW) kit into a year-long campaign called Celebrate Texas Public Schools (CTPS). This would allow districts to use the logo and other materials for back-to-school activities, commencement, open houses and other events all year.

But the timing of the TPSW kit did not work out with a year-long theme. Traditionally the theme would be announced in October, the kits produced in December and they would be shipped in early January. Then the TPSW celebration would take place in March. Most districts did not want to use that same theme again in August and September for kick off events for their new school year.

So in 2011-2012, TSPRA formed a committee to revamp the annual CTPS campaign so that its release would fall before the new school year began. The theme could then be used for an entire school year, including Texas Public School Week in March.

This transition to a new release date meant that there would be no new theme developed for the 2013 Texas Public School Week celebration. Instead, members were incouraged to use any of the previous themes.

Members now receive the Celebrate Texas Public Schools materials as part of their member benefits. Non-members may still purchase CTPS campaign materials.

TSPRA has developed a new website for CTPS. Members have access to the site with their TSPRA member username and password. Others who purchase CTPS will receive access after purchase.