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Annual Conference Registration

This conference is over. We are not accepting registrations.

The first step to registering for TSPRA's 2015 annual conference is to put the quantity of people who will be registering for each item below. This will generate an invoice that will be emailed to you and it is also available in the Member Profile area of the person who is logged in and entering the registrations.

Once you have completed this section, the next part provides a form where you enter the registration details for each person.  If there are multiple people being registered, that will be addressed in the next section. There is a different form used for members and nonmembers and that is also addressed in the next section.

Registration fees increase by $45 after January 23, 2015.

A $75 non-refundable fee will be charged for any cancellations. All cancellations must be submitted in writing by email to info@tspra.org.  Phone and verbal cancellations are not accepted. Cancellations will NOT be accepted after 5 p.m. on February 2, 2015. However, we will accept substitutions. Please email the name of the person taking your place to info@tspra.org. If this person is a nonmember, the conference fees will be adjusted to the nonmember rate.

There are no refunds for weather-related cancellations.

Name(s) of person(s) attending Star Awards
A purchase order or a reference number you create
QTY of Member Registrations $445 each
Name(s) of member(s) registering
QTY of Non-Member Registrations $505 each
Name(s) of non-member(s) registering
QTY Pre-conference Sessions $95 ea.
Name(s) of person(s) registering for pre-conference
QTY Star Award Dinner Tickets $75 each