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Words to Delete from Press Releases

We all know how important it is to avoid jargon in our writing, but it's not easy to banish corporate-speak from press releases and blog posts. We want our communications to be clear, concise, and not sound like they were written by a focus group with a thick thesaurus.
Look for better words than bland constructions such as "end-user," "value-added" and "mission-critical." Try substituting "use" for "utilize," "outcomes" for "deliverables," and "expandable" for "scalable."
All the contacts and connections in the world don't mean anything if your audience can't understand your message. Watch your vocabulary to make it easier for them. 

- Becky Gaylord, Gaylord LLC  

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TSPRA members: Keep in mind that tomorrow is the last day to nominate someone for the Key Communicator award. Details on the website.

by TSPRA Austin


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