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Star Award Duplicate Certificate

Star Award Certificates: $17.00 each

TSPRA will provide duplicate Star Award Certificates for anyone who earned 2015 Gold, Silver, Bronze Stars, Best of Category, Crystal or Plantinum awards. Each certificate costs $17. On these duplicates you may add or delete names, adjust the order of the names, list your department rather than individual members or you may even purchase certificates for non-members who assisted with your award winning entry.

Only winners listed on the original may order and authorize duplicates for non-members. However, anyone may pay for the duplicate award by sending a check with the invoice created by the member when they order.

Send an email to janet@tspra.org. In the email include the category number, district and title of the winning entry. State whether you want an exact duplicate or want changes made to the certificate. Then, list any changes. Continue this process for all the duplicates you wish to order. Finally, come back to the product section of the TSPRA website and place your order which will create an invoice you will print off and turn in for payment.

Orders will be taken through May 13, 2016.

The original award certificates were created from the actual information you submitted online during the entry process. Corrections of user errors that occurred at submission will be subject to the $17 duplicate fee. Our production errors will be corrected free of charge.

Duplicate medals may also be ordered. Click here for that product information.

We do not supply additional Crystal and Platinum Awards but can arrange for these through a vendor. Please send an email to janet@tspra.org for further information and pricing.